Featured Performers

Featured Performers Blue Angels

USN Blue Angels

Here they come!  The world’s most popular jet team will amaze fans with daring combinations of speed, skill and precision.

Featured Performers Golden Knights

U.S. Army Golden Knights

See the professionalism, precision, and discipline of today’s modern Army with the U.S. Army Golden Knights!

Featured Performers Golden Knights


Watch the MiG-15 climb the skies at Thunder Over Utah!

Featured Performers Skyhawk

Skyhawk TA-4

The Skyhawk TA-4 is a very unique, efficient plan that makes attendance to this year’s air show a must see!

CAF Red Tail

CAF Red Tail

Let the legend behind the red tail squadron and the sound of the powerful Merlin engine inspire you to rise above obstacles you may face!

Matt Younkin

World famous aerobatics-- Matt Younkin

Find out why Matt Younkin flying his Beech 18 is the most unique act in the air show industry!

Brad Wursten

Brad Wursten and his MXS-R

Home state talent, Brad Wursten, will perform high-energy and high speed aerobatics in his MXS-R! This act is nothing short of aggressive and spectacular!

Jet Bus

School Time Jet Bus

Watch the School Time Jet Bus belch out 80 foot flames and reach speeds up to 367 mph!


WWII Battle Reenactment

The WWII Battle Reenactment brings to life the sights sounds and smells of ground and air warfare.


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Disclaimer: Please note aircraft and flight display schedule are subject to change without notice. We appreciate your understanding in the event of changes.